所有的恐怖电影都是一样的? Think the stories are predictable 而且 if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all?


好再猜. 电影高级讲师 米克尔J Koven 介绍一些恐怖电影, 用他们自己的方式, 对游戏类型的影响, 有足够的强度, 那种恐惧永远地改变了.

A man stares menacingly into the camera in a black 而且 white film still


在他名声最盛的时候, 希区柯克从他的大, glossy Hollywood fame to make a little black 而且 white thriller which, 第一次, 表明怪物不是外国人,也不是外星人, 但是隔壁的男孩.

Loosely based on the true story of ghoulish murderer Ed Gein, by way of Robert Bloch’s 1959 novel, 《正规买球app十佳排行》 说明美国也有自己的怪物. 除了, 谋杀了电影里的明星, 珍妮特李, 电影过半了, disoriented viewers as to where this remarkable thriller was headed.

A group of zombies walk towards the camera through a field in this film still


A bleak 而且 nihilistic horror film which changed zombie movies forever.

罗梅罗的前 晚上, zombies were slaves, raised from the dead 而且 controlled by a sorcerer; but 晚上 changed all that, introducing the shambling gut-munching zombie we associate with the genre today. 但 晚上 is more than just a gory spectacle: it is also a dark meditation on (而且 for) an America shell-shocked from the Vietnam War 而且 the Civil Rights movement. 世界变了,恐怖电影也需要改变.


 《正规买球app十佳排行》(William Friedkin, 1973)

而 驱魔人 is, 在大多数情况下, a straight-forward horror film (albeit an exceptionally well-made one), one which did up the ante on shocking images 而且 blasphemous language, it was the over-whelming success at the box office which changed American cinema forever.

驱魔人 is really the first “blockbuster” film; a film for which people would line up for hours, Around the block(因此有了这个词), 希望能有机会参加放映. Auditoria were sold out across the United States 而且 around the world. 然后用 大白鲨两年后,暑期档大片诞生了.



这是我最喜欢的电影之一. 约翰·兰迪斯已经不再拍疯狂的喜剧了 动物的房子 (1978)和 蓝军兄弟 (1980) to this grisly horror film 正规买球app十佳排行 an American tourist backpacking in Yorkshire, 谁被狼人攻击了.

In most regards, the film is a remake/re-imagining of the 1935 Universal horror film, 狼人在伦敦,但是什么使 美国狼人 值得注意的是里克·贝克创造的实际效果, including the onscreen transformation of actor David Naughton into the beast. 贝克当之无愧地获得了奥斯卡最佳化妆效果奖, 专门为识别而创建的新类别 美国狼人的开创性的工作. 同年,乔·丹特也参加了 的咆哮 在电影屏幕上播放,由罗布·波汀制作特效. 在一起, Baker 而且 Bottin changed the world of horror movie special effects through on-set practical effects, rather than through trick photography or (today) computer generated images (CGI).

效果在 美国狼人的咆哮的东西 (John Carpenter, 1982; with effects work by Bottin) are still impressive.

A long haired girl crawls out from inside a television in this film still


 根据铃木浩二1991年的小说改编, Ringu invents an urban legend 正规买球app十佳排行 a haunted videocassette: those who watch this creepy video die in seven days at the appearance of Sadako, 视频中的幽灵, 从他们的电视机里爬出来.

只有这样才能避免自己的死亡, 是把录像带复制一份然后传下去吗, 从而把诅咒也一并传递下去. This is the “ring” of the title: the circle made by passing the video on. Ringu’s significance lies in the sparking of interest in East Asian ghost stories in the West – known as J-horror.  的, 现在老套, image of the female ghost with long black hair hanging over their face is a traditional image of the ghost within Japan, 但是作为一个电影主题, has influenced horror cinema across East Asia – in South Korea 而且 Thail而且, 特别是. j恐怖的循环产生了许多这样的电影, 其中很多都被好莱坞(糟糕地)翻拍了.


A man wearing a large coats st而且s facing a wall in this back 而且 white film still

女巫布莱尔计划 (Eduardo Sanchez 而且 Daniel Myrick, 1999)

布莱尔女巫, 至少对我来说,更有趣 正规买球app十佳排行 而不是观看. 女巫布莱尔计划 was really the first film to build up expectation 而且 word-of-mouth interest through viral marketing via the World Wide Web. 假“失踪”海报在网站上流传, along with fake documentaries 而且 news reports 正规买球app十佳排行 the search for the three lost university students.  This “found footage” film purports to be the rediscovered lost footage shot by the three, while trying to make a documentary 正规买球app十佳排行 a local supernatural legend. We experience everything the student filmmakers do: the terror of something attacking their tents at night, 在森林中迷失方向的困惑, 以及三个年轻人之间的紧张关系.

这部电影的大部分剧本都是在拍摄时即兴创作的, with only vague plot points to direct the cast who shot the film themselves. Made for a ridiculously small amount of money, as a result of the viral marketing campaign, 女巫布莱尔计划 成为了今年最卖座的电影之一.

的re we have it, six films that forever changed the horror genre. As should be noted, with the exception of Ringu, all the selected films are American. This is not to say that horror movies are not international – horror cinema around the world is a very exciting area to study.

Dr 米克尔Koven 教的 电影(荣誉)文学士 正规买球app十佳排行的课程. 他模块”的电影 & Folklore” considers fairy-tale films, as well as myth 而且 legend films.